2012-13 Schedule

SEPT. 13, 2012 OPERATION Market-Garden More than a Bridge Too Far John McManus, author of September Hope, and Airborne and Ground Veterans will discuss Operation Market-Garden and the fighting in the Scheldt Estuary (PDF)

OCT. 11, 2012 RUHR Pocket Defeat of the Industrial Pocket Derek Zumbro, author of Battle of the Ruhr, and Veterans will discuss the much overlooked Campaign to seize the Arms production base in Germany (PDF)

OCT. 25, 2012 GERMANY DURING THE 1930’S Andrew Nagorski, author of Hitlerland, Rudy Boschwitz, and other Holocaust refugees will discuss the rise of power and oppression by the Nazi Party in Germany in the 1930’s (PDF)

NOV. 8, 2012 OPERATION ASHCAN Interrogation of the Nazi Leaders at Mondorf Ken Hechler, author of Goering and his Gang, will discuss his personal experiences during interviews with the Nazi Leaders (PDF)

DEC. 13, 2012 RELIEF OF BASTOGNE Patton as a Commander in the Battle of the Bulge John Nelson Rickard, author of Advance and Destroy, and Veterans of the Winter Operations to relieve Bastogne will discuss the celebrated military campaign (PDF)

JAN. 10, 2013 DEFEAT IN THE EAST: 1943 – Fighting the Lost War Robert Citino, author of The Wehrmacht Retreats, and Veterans of the Eastern European Front will discuss the influence of fighting on multiple fronts led to the German defeat (PDF)

FEB. 14, 2013 EMERGENCE OF VIET-NAM FROM WORLD WAR II James Willbanks, author of Abandoning Vietnam, and Veterans will demonstrate the linkage of WWII to American involvement in Southeast Asia (PDF)

MARCH 14, 2013 THE MILITARY INTELLIGENCE SERVICE LANGUAGE SCHOOL (MISLS) at Savage & Fort Snelling Bill Yenne, author of Rising Sons: the Role of the Nisei, Edwin Nakasone, and other Nisei Veterans will discuss the Training in MN and the heroic successes on many fronts (PDF)

MARCH 28, 2013 WORLD WAR II IN THE MIDDLE EAST and the Origins from WWI Frank Nicosia, author of Hitler’s Germany and the Middle East, will lecture on the Allied Operations in the Middle East and the German Objectives in the region (PDF)

APRIL 11, 2013 REVISED TOPIC: MOBILIZATION OF THE NATIONAL GUARD IN WWII Dr. Mike Doubler, author of Civilians in Peace – Soldiers in War, will speak on the mobilization of National Guard units. Dr. Doubler will be joined by Generals John Vessey and Rick Nash on their experiences with the 34th ID in WW2 and Iraq, and by Burdette Stiel on his experiences as a replacement in the 112th Infantry, 28th ID (PDF)

MAY 9, 2013 KAMPFGRUPPE PEIPER AT MALMEDY Danny Parker, author of Fatal Crossroads, and Veterans of the fighting in the Battle of the Bulge will discuss the atrocity at Baugnez and its impact on their morale and willingness to fight (PDF) (YouTube)