2010-11 Schedule

September 9, 2010Guadalcanal: The Reversal of Japanese Victories in the Pacific. Col. Jon Hoffman, Author of Once a Legend and Chesty — with Veterans attending The National Guadalcanal Veterans Reunion — will show the critical importance of this strategic victory to the ultimate outcome in the Pacific.(PDF)

October 14, 2010Rhone Valley Campaign: Southern Assault into Germany. David Colley, Author of Decision at Strasbourg — with Veterans of the U.S. Seventh Army — will discuss the command controversy to cross the Rhine from France and end the War in Europe six months early.(PDF)

October 28, 2010 (Note: 4th Thursday)MIA – The Aftermath of War: Emerson Wiles III, Author of Forgotten Raiders, will discuss his experience in locating and identifying the remains of the Marine Raiders from the Makin Island attack in 1942, while serving in the Identification Center in Hawaii. The local “MIA Hunters”, founded by Bryan Moon, will exhibit the results of their recent expeditions to New Guinea.

November 11, 2010The Yalta Conference – The Dr Harold C. Deutsch Lecture: S. M. Plokhy, Author of Yalta and several other books on the Ukraine and Professor at Harvard University, will discuss the importance of the Conference in 1945 that bred many of the controversial confrontations during the Cold War. (PDF)

December 9, 2010Pearl Harbor– A Critical Review based on New Information and Analyses: Alan Zimm, Author of over 85 Publications and upcoming book on Pearl Harbor — with Veterans of Pearl Harbor — will discuss the flaws in attack and command issues that could have influenced the outcome of attack and the events that followed December 7th. (PDF)

January 13, 2011The Forgotten Year on the Eastern Front: Dennis Showalter, Author of Hitler’s Panzers — and WWII Russian Veterans — will discuss the Soviet counterattacks to defeat the Germans between the Battle of Kursk and Operation Bagration. (PDF)

February 10, 2011Return to the Phillipines: LTC George Eaton, Command Historian for the U.S. Army Sustainment Command and Author of an upcoming biography on General Krueger — with Sixth Army Veterans that fought the battles — will discuss the retaking of the Islands lost to the Japanese in 1942. (PDF)

March 10, 2011Role of the Coast Guard in Naval Operations: Ken Wiley, Author of Lucky Thirteen, and a WWII Veteran of the Coast Guard will join other WWII CG Veterans to explain the critical role of the CG in guiding and protecting the many Island Landings in the Pacific. (PDF)

April 14, 2011Battle of Cassino — A Bloody Struggle shrouded in Controversy: Flint Whitlock, Author of Rock of Anzio — and Veterans of the Fifth Army — will relate the bitter attacks against German defenses in the attempt to liberate the Italian Peninsula and take Rome. (PDF)

May 12, 2011Destroying the Armaments Industries in Germany: Bob Mrazek, Author of A Dawn Like Thunder and the upcoming To Kingdom Come, along with Veterans of the Bombers of the Eighth AAF will discuss Missions on the arms plants of the Germans, but focus on a mission to Stuttgart in September of 1943.(PDF)