2009-10 Schedule

September 10, 2009The Sinking of the Leopoldville and the Brittany Campaign; Dr Randy Bradham – Author of two books on the 66th ID; Rev Henry (Hank) Andersen – survivor of the sinking; Other Veterans from the 66th ID (PDF) (YouTube)

October 8, 2009The History of the Hitler Youth; Don Gregory – Author of Jungvolk; Wilhelm Gehlen – Co-Author and member of the Hitler Youth; Other Germans from the Hitler Youth (PDF) (YouTube)

October 22, 2009 (Note: 4th Thursday)The Nazi Propaganda Art; Marylou Gjeres – Retired Curator of the Military Art Collection (YouTube)

November 12, 2009The Sorge Spy Ring – The Dr Harold C. Deutsch Lecture; Donald Goldstein – Author and Professor at the Univ of Pittsburg (PDF)

December 10, 2009The 82nd Airborne Division in the Battle of the Bulge; Guy LoFaro, Ph.D – Author of upcoming book on 82nd Airborne; Veteran of the 82nd Airborne (PDF)

January 14, 2010The Leadership of the Russian Military; Roger Reese – Author of five books on the WWII Soviet Military; Veterans of the Russian WWII Military (PDF)

February 11, 2010The Role of Bombers in WWII; Don Miller – Author of Masters of the Air; Veterans of the Army Air Force (PDF)  (YouTube)

March 11, 2010The New Guinea Campaign; James Campbell – Author of The Ghost Mountain Boys; Veterans of the 32nd ID and the SW Pacific Campaign (PDF)

April 8, 2010The Invasion of Anzio; J. Paul Jeffers – Author of books on Truscott and Darby; Veterans of the 3d ID, 45th ID, FSSF, Rangers (PDF)

April 22, 2010 (Note: 4th Thursday) – Normandy Then and Now; Dominique Francois – Author, Historian; native of Normandy

May 13, 2010Flying the HUMP – CBI Theater Air Operations; Al Lathrop – Author, Historian; Veterans of CBI Theater (PDF)