2008-09 Schedule

September 11, 2008: The Operations across Northern France – Fall of 1944  John Nelson Rickard – Author of Patton at Bay; Veterans of the Third Army   (YouTube)

September 25, 2008: Four Years of German Occupation in Normandy  Dominique Francois – Author of NORMANDY: Breaching the Alt

October 9, 2008: Operation Downfall – Invasion of Japan
Richard Frank – Author of DOWNFALL; Adm Mac Showers – Planning Staff on Guam

November 13, 2008: – Interrogation of the Nazi Leaders at Mondorf Luxembourg  John E. Dolibois – One of Original Five Interrogators; Ken Hechler – SLA Marshall Historian to supplement

December 11, 2008: – The Alamo in the Ardennes – Attack on Center of the Bulge  John McManus – Author of Alamo in the Ardennes; Veterans of the 28th Inf Div  (YouTube)

January 8, 2009: The Battle of Moscow  Andrew Nagorski – Author of The Greatest Battle; Yogi Pusch and Other German and Russian Veterans  (YouTube)

February 12, 2009: The OSS  Patrick O’Donnell – Author of Operatives, Spies, and Saboteurs; Veterans of the OSS (YouTube)

March 12, 2009: Air to Ground Operations  Thomas Hughes – Author of Overlord – General Quesada; Ken Dahlberg – Ace and P-47 Pilot (PDF) (YouTube)

April 9, 2009: Invasion of Okinawa  Bill Sloan – Author of The Ultimate Battle; Veterans of the Battle of Okinawa (PDF)

May 14, 2009: The Glider Operations in World War II  Gerard Devlin – Author of Silent Wings; Veterans of the Glider Units of 82d and 101st AB Divisions (PDF) (You Tube)