At every meeting of the Round Table, all participants receive a brief writeup, detailing facts about the topic of the month, the guest speaker, and a selected bibliography for further research. The RoundTablettes give a brief overview of the subject to help acquaint everyone with background information that will make the topic more accessible for all participants.

QuickLinks to Seasons:


Previous RoundTablettes

(‘DOC’ links to the Roundtablette in MS-Word format; ‘PDF’ in PDF format; and ‘YouTube’ to the video — if they exist)

2023 – 2024 (Season 37)

1September, 2023Capture of the Marianas PDF DOC YouTube
2October, 2023LeMay Bombing Strategy PDFDOC  
3October, 20233rd ID – Africa to Bavaria PDF DOC 
4November, 2023Nazi Propaganda PDFDOC  
5December, 2023December 7th Air Battles PDFDOC  
6January, 20241943 Casablanca Conference PDFDOC  
7February, 202499th Viking Battalion PDFDOC  
8March, 2024Selling the War PDF DOC 
9March, 2024Coast Watchers PDFDOC  
10April, 2024Mediterranean Logistics PDFDOC  
11May, 2024Normandy Airborne Operations Failure at Dieppe – Success at Normandy PDFDOC  

2022 – 2023 (Season 36)

1September, 2022US Army in the PacificPDFDOC 
2October, 2022Armored Warfare – 3rd ADPDFDOC 
3October, 2022Operation TORCHPDFDOC 
4November, 2022Bretton Woods ConferencePDFDOC 
5December, 202280th ID Combat Engineers in ETOPDFDOC 
6January, 2023Pre-1939 collaboration of Hitler & StalinPDFDOC 
7February, 2023Marshall/Stimson cooperation in buildupPDFDOC 
8March, 2023Pacific Naval Engagements of WW2PDFDOCYouTube
9March, 2023Victory in AfricaPDFDOC YouTube
10April, 2023Air Apaches:  345th Bomb GroupPDFDOC YouTube
11May, 2023James Doolittle and 8th AFPDFDOC 

2021 – 2022 (Season 35)

1September, 2021Origins of Pacific WarPDFDOCYouTube
2October, 2021Pacific Naval CampaignsPDFDOCYouTube
3October, 2021PhilippinesPDFDOCYouTube
4November, 2021Planning to Defeat the AxisPDFDOCYouTube
5December, 2021Air Ops at Pearl HarborPDFDOCYouTube
6January, 2022Patton’s PersonalityPDFDOCYouTube
7February, 2022Wake IslandPDFDOCYouTube
8March, 2022Nuremburg TrialsPDFDOCYouTube
9March, 2022French rescue of 8th AF aircrewsPDFDOCYouTube
10April, 2022Doolittle RaidPDFDOCYouTube
11May, 2022Final Battles (Last Redoubt)PDFDOCYouTube

2020 – 2021 (Season 34)

1September, 2020Operation OLYMPICPDFDOCYouTube
2October, 2020Pacific TheaterPDFDOC 
3October, 20201941PDFDOC 
4November, 2020Walter Bedell SmithPDFDOC 
5December, 2020Origins of conflict in the Pacific   
6January, 2021Aerial IntelligencePDFDOC 
7February, 2021Blood, Oil, and the AxisPDFDOCYouTube
8March, 2021Nazi ArtPDFDOCYouTube
9March, 2021German Scientists after the WarPDFDOCYouTube
10April, 2021FRANTIC-7PDFDOCYouTube
11May, 2021Air Power in EuropePDFDOCYouTube

2019 – 2020 (Season 33)

1September, 2019ANZIO BREAKOUT  –  The Battle of ApriliaPDFDOCYouTube
2October, 2019Diplomacy for the Atomic BombPDFDOCYouTube
3November, 2019Difficulties of Coalition WarfarePDFDOCYouTube
4December, 2019Relief in the Bulge: 7th Armored CounterattackPDFDOCYouTube
5January, 2020Evolution of the Russian ArmyPDFDOCYouTube
6February, 2020Return to the Philippines – Battle of ManilaPDFDOCYouTube
7March, 2020Operation VARSITY – 75th AnniversaryPDFDOCYouTube
8March, 2020The Chief of Staff for Eisenhower   
9April, 2020The First American Tank Battles of WW2   
10May, 202075th Anniversary of VE Day   

2018 – 2019 (Season 32)

1September, 2018GUADALCANAL – Thwarting the Japanese AdvancePDFDOCYouTube
2October, 2018NAZI PRISONER IN AMERICA – Out of the WarPDFDOCYouTube
3October, 2018(2)WORLD WAR ONE – Roots of WWIIPDFDOCYouTube
4November, 2018Dr. Harold C. Deutsch Lecture – The Plots to Assassinate HitlerPDFDOCYouTube
5December, 2018Pearl Harbor – The Attack that brought the U.S. into WWIIPDFDOCYouTube
6January, 2019What Made the Nazi Military Work?PDFDOCYouTube
7February, 2019Not all the Struggles for Victory were on the Battlefield PDFDOCYouTube
8March, 2019Intelligence from the SkiesPDFDOCYouTube
9March, 2019(2)The Contributions of Women in Air WarPDFDOCYouTube
10April, 2019The Chief of Logistics in the European Theater – LTG J.C.H. LeePDFDOCYouTube
11May, 2019Remembering the 75th Anniversary of the Normandy LandingsPDFDOC 

2017 – 2018 (Season 31)

1September, 2017Winning the Pacific WarPDFDOCYouTube
2October, 2017The First Invasion – Operation TorchPDFDOCYouTube
3October, 2017 (2)POW’s of Japan – PalawanPDFDOCYouTube
4November, 2017The Dr.Harold C. Deutsch Lecture – Allying for VictoryPDFDOCYouTube
5December, 2017Victory in the Battle of the BulgePDFDOCYouTube
6January, 2018Eastern Front – Final VictoriesPDFDOCYouTube
7February, 2018The Berlin Airlift – First Allied Victory of the Cold WarPDFDOCYouTube
8March, 2018American Airpower in WWIIPDFDOCYouTube
9March, 2018 (2)OSS: Operation BlackmailPDFDOCYouTube
10April, 2018The Greatest Field Commander – Lucian TruscottPDFDOCYouTube
11May, 2018To Save the Victory After DefeatPDFDOCYouTube

2016 – 2017 (Season 30)

1September, 2016Deception in the ETO — Fooling the EnemyPDFDOCYouTube
2September, 2016Pacific Diplomacy in the 1930’s — Events leading to hostilities in the PacificPDFDOCYouTube
3October, 201611th Airborne from Philippines to OccupationPDFDOCYouTube
4October, 2016 (2)Germany during 1930’s – Rise of Nazis in GermanyPDFDOCYouTube
5November, 2016The Dr.Harold C. Deutsch Lecture – Sentencing at NuremburgPDFDOCYouTube
6December, 201675th Anniversary of Battle of Bataan and CorregidorPDFDOCYouTube
6.1December, 2016Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary event  YouTube
8January, 2017Battle of Koenigsberg – Forgotten Battle of Eastern FrontPDFDOCYouTube
9February, 2017Nazi Hunters – Seeking Justice for perpetrators of the HolocaustPDFDOC 
10March, 2017Mobilization of U.S. Industrial Machine – Fighting a Global WarPDFDOCYouTube
11March, 2017 (2)Minnesota-Born Unsung Architect of Army DoctrinePDFDOCYouTube
12April, 2017Last Mission of “Jerk’s Natural” – with the 93rd Bomb GroupPDFDOCYouTube
13May, 2017Final Major Battle in Western Europe – Battle of BulgePDFDOCYouTube

2015 – 2016 (Season 29)

1September, 2015Blitzkrieg in the Pacific – Island Landings to accomplish Victory in PacificPDFDOCYouTube
2October, 2015Leaders of the Victory – The Giants of the Winning StrategyPDFDOCYouTube
3October, 2015Japanese KamikazesPDFDOCYouTube
4November, 2015Dr. Harold C. Deutsch Lecture: Besides Nuremberg – Forgotten Trials of the HolocaustPDFDOC YouTube
5December, 2015Early Naval Operations – after Pearl HarborPDFDOC 
6January, 2016Struggle on the Eastern Theater of OperationsPDFDOC 
7February, 2016Liberation of German Concentrations CampsPDFDOCYouTube
8March, 2016From the OSS to CIA Director: Dulles, Colby, Helms, and CaseyPDFDOCYouTube
9March, 2016Birth of the New Age of War – Atomic Bombs and RocketsPDFDOCYouTube
10April, 2016Southern Invasion of France – Operations Dragoon and AnvilPDFDOC 
11April, 2016Navy UDT Teams – The beginning of the SEALSPDFDOCYouTube
12May, 2016Potsdam – Agreement to settle Allied Victory in WWIIPDFDOC YouTube

2014 – 2015 (Season 28)

1September, 2014D-Day for the Allies – Gold, Juno, Sword Beach LandingsPDFDOCYouTube
2October, 2014Glider Operations in WWIIPDFDOCYouTube
3October, 2014Building the Death Railroad – Bridge on the River KwaiPDFDOCYouTube
4November, 2014Dr. Harold C. Deutsch Lecture: The O.S.S.PDFDOCYouTube
5December, 2014Christmas at Bastogne – The German Offensive on Christmas ’44PDFDOCYouTube
5.5December, 2014Gen. George Patton at the Battle of the Bulge  YouTube
6January, 2015The Myth of the German Offense – Success that led to FailurePDFDOCYouTube
7February, 2015Italian Struggle – Not the Soft UnderbellyPDFDOC 
8March, 2015The Logistics of War – Beans and Bullets to the SoldiersPDFDOC 
9March, 2015Return to the Philippines – The Road to JapanPDFDOC 
10April, 2015Air War in the Mediterranean – British and American OperationsPDFDOC 
11May, 2015Retrospective Look at Goals of 8 WWII LeadersPDFDOC 

2013 – 2014 (Season 27)

1September, 2013The Battle of Britain – A True Mission ImpossiblePDFDOCYouTube
2October, 2013The Bombing Campaign in the PacificPDFDOCYouTube
3October, 2013The 2nd Rangers at Pointe Du Hoc and BeyondPDFDOCYouTube
4November, 2013Dr. Harold C. Deutsch Lecture: CodebreakersPDFDOCYouTube
5December, 2013The Attack of Dec. 7, 1941 – Surprise or Blunder?PDFDOCYouTube
6January, 2014The War on the Eastern Front – Germany and RussiaPDFDOCYouTube
7February, 2014Senior Leaders of WWII – Insights into Their PersonalitiesPDFDOCYouTube
8March, 2014Operation COBRA – Breakout from NormandyPDFDOC 
9March, 2014The War in China – The Overlooked Struggle in AsiaPDFDOCYouTube
10April, 2014The Battle for Rabaul – The Pearl Harbor for the JapanesePDFDOCYouTube
11May, 2014Omaha Beach – The Deadliest Fighting on D-DayPDFDOCYouTube

2012 – 2013 (Season 26)

1September, 2012Operation Market-Garden More than a Bridge Too FarPDFDOC 
2October, 2012Ruhr Pocket Defeat of the Industrial PocketPDFDOC 
3October, 2012Germany During the 1930’SPDFDOC 
4November, 2012Dr. Harold C. Deutsch Lecture: Operation ASHCAN Interrogation of the Nazi Leaders at MondorfPDFDOC 
5December, 2012Relief of Bastogne: Patton as a Commander in the Battle of the BulgePDFDOC 
6January, 2013Defeat in the East: 1943 – Fighting the Lost WarPDFDOC 
7February, 2013Emergence of Vietnam from World War IIPDFDOCYouTube
8March, 2013The Military Intelligence Service Language School (MISLS) at Savage & Fort SnellingPDFDOC 
9March, 2013World War II in the Middle East and the Origins from WWIPDFDOC 
10April, 2013Revised Topic: Mobilization of the National Guard in WWIIPDFDOCYouTube
11May, 2013Kampfgruppe Peiper at MalmedyPDFDOCYouTube

2011 – 2012 (Season 25)

1September, 2011Beneath the Waves – Submarine WarfarePDFDOC 
2October, 2011Children Caught in the Brutality of WarPDFDOC 
3October, 2011The Resistance Against the Nazis – A Harold Deutsch LecturePDFDOC 
4November, 2011Dr. Harold C. Deutsch Lecture: Bitter Appeasement (Munich, 1938)PDFDOC 
5December, 2011The Fighting in EuropePDFDOC 
6January, 2012The Battle of LeningradPDFDOC 
7February, 2012Code-Breaking and the Beginning of ComputersPDFDOC 
8March, 2012Operation PLUM – 27th BG in the Western PacificPDFDOC 
9March, 2012The Mistake by Japan to Start the War in the PacificPDFDOC 
10April, 2012Jedburghs+I89 – Jumping Behind Enemy LinesPDFDOC 
11May, 2012The Battle of Leyte GulfPDFDOC 

2010 – 2011 (Season 24)

1September, 2010Guadalcanal: The Reversal of Japanese Victories in the PacificPDFDOC 
2October, 2010Rhone Valley Campaign: Southern Assault into GermanyPDFDOC 
3October, 2010MIA – The Aftermath of War   
4November, 2010The Yalta Conference – The Dr Harold C. Deutsch LecturePDFDOC 
5December, 2010Pearl Harbor– A Critical Review based on New Information and AnalysesPDFDOC 
6January, 2011The Forgotten Year on the Eastern FrontPDFDOC 
7February, 2011Return to the PhillipinesPDFDOC 
8March, 2011Role of the Coast Guard in Naval OperationsPDFDOC 
9April, 2011Battle of Cassino — A Bloody Struggle shrouded in ControversyPDFDOC 
10May, 2011Destroying the Armaments Industries in GermanyPDFDOC 

2009 – 2010 (Season 23)

1September, 2009The Sinking of the Leopoldville and the Brittany CampaignPDFDOCYouTube
2October, 2009The History of the Hitler YouthPDFDOCYouTube
3October, 2009The Nazi Propaganda Art DOCYouTube
4November, 2009The Sorge Spy RingPDFDOC 
5December, 2009The 82nd Airborne Division in the Battle of the BulgePDFDOC 
6January, 2010The Leadership of the Russian MilitaryPDFDOC 
7February, 2010The Role of Bombers in WWIIPDFDOCYouTube
8March, 2010The New Guinea CampaignPDFDOC 
9April, 2010The Invasion of AnzioPDFDOC 
10May, 2010Flying the Hump – CBI Theater Air OperationsPDFDOC 

2008 – 2009 (Season 22)

1September, 2008The Operations Across Northern France in the Fall of 1944 DOCYouTube
2October, 2008Operation Downfall; the Invasion of Japan DOC 
3November, 2008Interrogation of Nazi Leaders at Mondorf, Luxembourg DOC 
4December, 2008The Alamo in the Ardennes – Attack on Center of the Bulge DOCYouTube
5January, 2009The Battle of Moscow DOCYouTube
6February, 2009The OSS DOCYouTube
7March, 2009Air to Ground Operations DOCYouTube
8April, 2009Invasion of Okinawa DOC 
9May, 2009The Glider Operations in World War II DOCYouTube

2007 – 2008 (Season 21)

1September, 2007Operation Husky: The Invasion of Sicily DOC 
2October, 2007Enigma and Signal Intelligence DOC 
3November, 2007Nuremberg Trials and the Legacy of Robert Jackson DOC 
4December, 2007Pearl Harbor: Was There No Warning? DOC 
5January, 2008Kursk: The Largest Tank Battle DOC 
6February, 2008The Norwegian Resistance in WWII DOC 
7March, 2008China-Burma-India Theater DOC 
8April, 2008Fortifications of the 3rd Reich DOC 
9May, 2008D-Day/Operation Overlord DOC 

2006 – 2007 (Season 20)

1September, 2006507 PIR in NormandyPDF  
2October, 2006The Huertgen ForestPDF  
3November, 2006Relations between Germany and JapanPDF  
4December, 2006Battle of the Bulge, North ShoulderPDF  
5January, 2007Battle of Stalingrad DOC 
6February, 2007Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps DOC 
7March, 2007Marine Landings at Pelileu DOC 
8April, 2007Breaking the Japanese Codes DOC 
9May, 2007Battle of Midway DOC 

2005 – 2006 (Season 19)

1September, 2005The 13th Airborne DOC 
2October, 2005Seizing the Secret Technology of the Nazis DOC 
3November, 2005Advisor to President Truman in Aftermath of WWII DOC 
4December, 2005Battle of Saipan DOC 
5January, 2006Russian Counterattack on the Eastern Front DOC 
6February, 2006Long Range Patrol with PBM Mariners DOC 
7March, 2006Operation Varsity: Air Drop Across the Rhine DOC 
8April, 2006Hitler’s Final Defeat in the West DOC 
9May, 2006The Longest Battle: Crossing the Siegfried Line and into the Ruhr DOC 

2004 – 2005 (Season 18)

1September, 2004Operation Cobra, Breakout from Normandy   
2October, 2004Children Caught in the Inferno of War   
3November, 2004Early Plots to Kill Hitler   
4December, 2004Pearl Harbor of the Phillipines – Dec. 8, 1941 DOC 
5January, 2005War on the Eastern Front DOC 
6February, 200588th Division – Battle of Northern Italy   
7March, 2005B-26 Bombers of the 9th Air Force   
8April, 2005Battle of Tarawa – Three Days in Hell DOC 
9May, 2005Campaign in Italy – The Not-So-Soft Under Belly DOC 

2003 – 2004 (Season 17)

1September, 2003OFLAG 64, Task Force Baum DOCYouTube
2October, 2003Alamo Scouts DOC 
3November, 2003Failures of WWI That Led to WWII DOC 
4December, 2003The Other Battle of the Bulge: Operation Northwind   
5January, 2004Okinawa DOC 
6February, 2004Immortal Chaplains: Sinking of the USS Dorchester DOC 
7March, 2004Bismarck DOC 
8April, 2004Remagen Bridge DOC 
9May, 2004Operation Anvil/Dragoon: Invasion of Southern France DOC 

2002 – 2003 (Season 16)

1September, 20026th Ranger Division DOC 
2October, 2002Soldiers of India, Fighting in Many Theaters DOC 
3November, 2002Just War Theory: Before & After 9/11 DOC 
4December, 2002Defense of Elsenborn Ridge DOC 
5January, 2003Island War in the Southwest Pacific DOC 
6February, 2003Submarine Warfare DOC 
7March, 2003Treasures Stolen by the Nazis DOC 
8April, 2003Operation Torch & North Africa DOC 
9May, 2003Operation Market Garden, A Bridge Too Far DOC 

2001 – 2002 (Season 15)

1September, 2001Operation Fortitude – Deception Plan for Normandy DOC 
2October, 2001The Third Army Advance Across France and Relief of Bastogne DOC 
3November, 2001The Cold War – Successes and Failures of WW II DOC 
4December, 2001Pearl Harbor – December 7th, 60th Anniversary DOC 
5January, 2002The Devil Boats – PT Boats DOC 
6February, 2002Fighting Norwegians – 99th Separate Infantry Battalion DOC 
7March, 2002Down Behind Enemy Lines – Escape and Evasion DOC 
8April, 2002Doolittle Raid on Tokyo – 60th Anniversary DOC 
9May, 2002D-Day on Utah Beach DOC 

2000 – 2001 (Season 14)

1September, 2000The Nisei Soldier DOC 
2October, 2000War In The Frozen Tundra – Alaska DOC 
3November, 2000An Investigative Journalist Attempts to Storm the Beaches of History DOC 
4December, 2000The Manhattan Project DOC 
5January, 2001Battle of Leyte Gulf DOC 
6February, 2001War in the Balkans – Hitler’s Trap DOC 
7March, 200148 Million Tons to Eisenhower — Logistics Support DOC 
8April, 2001Development of Strategic Bombing in the Pacific DOC 
9May, 2001Engineers in the Battle of the Bulge DOC 

1999 – 2000 (Season 13)

1September, 1999Victory in Northern Italy – 10th Mountain Division DOC 
2October, 1999Battle for the Huertgen Forest, Roer Dams and Remagen Bridge – 78th Infantry Division DOC 
3November, 1999Combat and Moral Responsibility DOC 
4December, 1999Holding the North Shoulder of the Bulge – 99th Infantry Division DOC 
5January, 2000From Sicily to Dachau – 45th (Thunderbird) Division DOC 
6February, 2000Battle of Phillipine Sea – June 20, 1944 DOC 
7March, 2000Utilization of Captured POWs in the US DOC 
8April, 200020th Air Force – From India to Hiroshima DOC 
9May, 2000From the Aleutians to Southern France – The Elite First Special Service Force DOC 

1998 – 1999 (Season 12)

2October, 1998From Aachen to Marburg – 104th Infantry Division and 3rd Armored Division DOC 
3November, 1998The Secrets of Ultra – Rhone Valley Campaign and the Battle of the Bulge. DOC 
4December, 1998To Save Bastogne – The Center of the Bulge DOC 
5January, 1999Marine Operations on Tarawa and Bougainville DOC 
6February, 199915th Air Force – Victory in North Africa and Italy DOC 
7March, 1999The Battle of the Coral Sea – The Victory of Naval Aviation DOC 
8April, 1999Merchant Marines – Delivering the Arms of Victory in Seven Seas DOC 
9May, 1999Omaha Beach – A Hard-Won Victory DOC 

1997 – 1998 (Season 11)

2October, 1997Dark and Bloody Battle in the Huertgen Forest DOC 
3November, 1997The Marshall Plan and Its Legacy DOC 
4December, 1997The First Shot at Pearl Harbor — USS Ward DOC 
5January, 1998Victory on the Rails — US Military Railway DOC 
6February, 1998The Fall of the Phillipines DOCYouTube
7March, 1998The Battle of Midway DOC 
8April, 1998Rehearsal for D-Day, Slapton Sands DOC 
9May, 1998The Flying Tigers DOC 

1996 – 1997 (Season 10)

2October, 1996Spanish Civil War DOC 
3November, 1996Bustin’ the Bulge: Changing the Tide of Hitler’s Last Offensive DOC 
4December, 1996  DOC 
5January, 1997Carpetbaggers of the 8th Air Force   
6February, 1997Combat Surgeons in WW2 DOC 
7March, 199734th Infantry Division DOCYouTube
8April, 1997CBI Theater: Flying the Hump w/ 10th Air Force DOC 
9May, 1997Destroyer operations in WW2 DOC 

1995 – 1996 (Season 9)

2October, 1995The Occupation of Germany DOC 
3November, 199517th Airborne DOC 
4December, 1995Hammelburg Raid DOC 
5January, 1996Photographic Record of WW2 DOC 
6February, 1996US Army Arsenal in New Brighton, MN DOC 
7March, 1996Japanese-American Units: 100th IB and 442nd RCT DOC 
8April, 1996Graves Registration DOC 
9May, 1996WAVES and Lady Leathernecks DOC 

1994 – 1995 (Season 8)

2October, 1994    
3November, 19944th Marine Division DOCYouTube
4December, 1994Battle of the Bulge DOC 
5January, 1995Aircraft Carriers in WW2   
6February, 1995    
7March, 1995Partisan Activity in WW2 DOC 
8April, 1995  DOC 
9May, 1995U.S.S. Indianapolis DOC 

1993 – 1994 (Season 7)

2October, 1993Was the Atomic Bomb Necessary? DOC 
3November, 1993Conspiracies to Kill Hitler DOC 
4December, 1993PT Boats in WW2 DOC 
5January, 1994Air War in the Meditteranean DOC 
6February, 1994  DOC 
7March, 1994The Rangers DOC 
8April, 1994Women in WW2 DOC 
9May, 1994Landing Craft and Tactics DOC 

1992 – 1993 (Season 6)

3December, 1992Tuskegee Airmen  YouTube
8April, 1993Original Round Tablette DOC 
9May, 19932nd Round Tablette DOC 

1991 – 1992 (Season 5)


1990 – 1991 (Season 4)


1989 – 1990 (Season 3)

8April, 1990Operation ANVIL: G-3 for the Invasion of Southern France  YouTube

1988 – 1989 (Season 2)


1987 – 1988 (Season 1)

2January, 1988Pearl Harbor as seen by a Japanese Fighter Pilot  YouTube