2022-23 Schedule

We meet at 7:00pm on the second Tuesday of every month from September through May at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul, unless otherwise noted below:


September 13             JOHN McMANUS will discuss his book, ISLAND INFERNO, about the U.S. Army in the Pacific, supported by veteran’s experiences. (PDF)

October 11                  STEPHEN MOORE will herald the heroics of tankers in the 3rd Armored Division (Spearhead) told in his book, BLOOD AND FURY, and supported by many veteran interviews of Jed Henry who had family in the unit. (PDF)

October 25             OPERATION TORCH COMMEMORATION – 80TH Anniversary: KEVIN HYMEL will give the overview of TORCH based on his book, PATTON’S WAY, supported by veteran’s stories. CHAPLAIN JOHN MORRIS will add the experiences of General Jack Vessey. (PDF)

November 8             THE DR. HAROLD C. DEUTSCH LECTURE
BENN STEIL will discuss his book, BRETTON WOODS, which has become the foundation of our current international finance structure. (PDF)

December 13             LEON REED AND LOIS LEMBO will use their book, A COMBAT ENGINEER, to discuss the formation of the 80th Division and its battlefield operations in Europe as part of the Third Army. (PDF)


January 10                  IAN JOHNSON will discuss his book, FAUSTIAN BARGAIN, and the pre-1939 collaboration of Hitler and Stalin that resulted in the massive German military buildup. (PDF)

February 14                   EDWARD FARLEY ALDRICH, in his book, PARTNERSHIP, discusses the great success of the collaboration of George Marshall and Henry Stimson in the build up and mobilizing of the military structure to gain victory in WWII. (PDF)

March 14                       CRAIG SYMONDS will speak on his book, WWII AT SEA, and the vast and varied Naval engagements in the oceans around the world, supported by veteran’s experiences. He’s also introducing his new book, NIMITZ. (PDF) (YouTube)

March 28                     COMMEMORATION OF VICTORY IN AFRICA – 80TH Anniversary LEO BARRON will discuss the early struggles of the Allies, using his book, PATTON’S FIRST VICTORY, to carry through the victories in Tunisia that allowed the Allied campaigns to move into Sicily and Italy.    (PDF) (YouTube)

April 11                        JAY STOUT author of Air Apaches: The True Story of the 345th Bomb Group tells the story of this specific unit and discusses American air power in the PTO. (PDF) (YouTube)

May 9                        JONNA DOOLITTLE (Jimmy Doolittle’s granddaughter) will discuss the European Air War based on her book, CALCULATED RISK, and Jimmy’s contributions to the successes of the Eighth Air Force. (PDF)