2021-22 Schedule

We meet at 7:00pm on the second Tuesday of every month from September through May at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul, unless otherwise noted below:


September 14             RICHARD FRANK, Author of TOWER OF SKULLS, will show the origins of the conflict in the Pacific Theater, beginning with the Sino-Japanese conflict in the early 20th Century, up to events that brought the U.S.  into the War in the 1940’s. This is the first of three Volumes on the topic. (PDF) (YouTube)

October 12                  IAN TOLL, Author of the 3-Volume Naval History of the Pacific: PACIFIC CRUCIBLE, CONQUERING TIDE, and TWILIGHT of the GODS, and Veterans of the Pacific Theater will tell the story of the Operations of U.S. Forces in the many Naval Campaigns in Pacific.  (PDF) (YouTube)

October 26 (80th Anniversary) GLEN WILLIFORD, Author of RACING THE SUNRISE, and JOHN ADAMS, Author of DEFENDERS OF CORREGIDOR, and Filipino Natives will tell the efforts to reinforce the Philippines with U.S. Forces and the heroic defense by an undermanned Force to defeat the attack by the Japanese. (PDF) (YouTube)

November 9 (80th Anniversary) BG JOHN SHORTAL, Author of CODE NAME ARCADIA, will deliver The Dr Harold C. Deutsch Lecture.  After the attack on Pearl Harbor and the Declaration of War by Hitler on the U.S., PM Churchill came to Washington with his Staff to plan the Strategy for the defeat of the Axis. (PDF) (YouTube)

December 14 (80th Anniversary) MICHAEL WENGER, co-Author of THEY’RE KILLING MY BOYS and upcoming A PITIFUL, UNHOLY MESS, with Veterans of Pearl Harbor, will tell the air operations at Hickam, Wheeler, Bellows, and Haleiwa Fields during the attack by Japanese Forces on 7 December 1941. (PDF) (YouTube)


January 11                   JIM SUDMEIER, Author of PATTON’S MADNESS, and J. FURMAN DANIEL III, Author of PATTON – Battling with History, will discuss the complex personality of General G.S. Patton and his success on the Battlefield as a student of History and a narcissistic personality. (PDF) (YouTube)

February 8                   BONNIE GILBERT, Author of BUILDING FOR WAR, with family member of a Veteran will tell the Struggle of the Battle of Wake Island and ultimate capture following the attack on Hawaii. (PDF) (YouTube)

March 8                       GREGORY PETERSON, Founder of the Robert H. Jackson Center, will discuss the trials of the Nazi Leaders at the Hall of Justice in Nuremberg and the events of their sentencing on this 76th Anniversary. (PDF) (YouTube)
(Rudy Boschwitz “Magnificent America” presentation)

March 22                     SUSAN TATE ANKENY, Author of THE GIRL AND THE BOMBARDIER, and BARBARA WOJCIK, Author of BUD’S JACKET will reveal the story of Eighth Air Corps B-17 crews that were shot down over France and the French Resistance that rescued and saved the lives of the survivors.   (PDF) (YouTube)

April 12                        80th Anniversary          MICHEL PARADIS, Author of LAST MISSION TO TOKYO, will discuss the Doolittle Raid on Japan in April 1942 and the trials resulting from the captured crews.  A special addition to the Program will discuss the modification of the mission B-25’s at the Airport in Minnesota. (PDF) (YouTube)

May 10                        STEPHEN HARDING, Author of THE LAST BATTLE, and Veterans of the War in Europe, will discuss the final Battles in the last redoubt and climactic end of WWII in Europe. (PDF) (YouTube)