This is a comprehensive list of our archived programs currently available on YouTube.  Links below open that specific program in a separate browser window.

Season 32 (2018-19)

11: Chief of Logistics in European Theater
10: Contributions of Women to the Air War
09: A New Look at the Combined Bomber Offensive
08: Not All the Struggles for Victory were on the Battlefield  
07: What Made the Nazi Military Work?
06: Pearl Harbor
05: The Plots to Assassinate Hitler
04: Honor Before Glory: 442nd RCT & 100th BN
03: World War 1 Roots of World War 2
02: Nazi Prisoner in America: Out of the War
01: Guadalcanal: Thwarting the Japanese Advance

Season 31 (2017-18)
11: To Save the Victory After Defeat
10: The Greatest Field Commander – Lucian Truscott
09: Operation Blackmail
08: American Airpower in WWII
07: The Berlin Airlift
06: Eastern Front – Final Victories
05: Victory in the Battle of the Bulge
04: The Dr.Harold C. Deutsch Lecture – Allying for Victory
03: POW’s of Japan – Palawan
02: The First Invasion – Operation Torch
01: Winning the Pacific War

Season 30 (2016-17)
13: Final Major Battle on the Western Front: Battle of the Bulge
12: Last Mission of “Jerk’s Natural” – with the 93rd Bomb Group
11: MN-born Unsung Architect of Army Doctrine
10: Mobilization of U.S. Industrial Machine – Fighting a Global War
08: Battle of Koenigsberg: Forgotten Battle of the Eastern Front
06: 75th Anniversary of Battle of Bataan and Corregidor
06.1: 1941: Events Leading up to Pearl Harbor
05: Sentencing at Nuremberg
04: Germany During the 1930’s – Rise of Nazis in Germany
03: 11th Airborne from Philippines to Occupation
02: Pacific Diplomacy in 1930’s – Events leading to hostilities in Pacific
01:  Deception in the ETO: Fooling the Enemy

Season 29 (2015-16)
12: Potsdam – Agreement to settle Allied Victory in WWII
11: Navy UDT Teams
09: Birth of the New Age of War – Atomic Bombs and Rockets
08: From the OSS to CIA Director: Dulles, Colby, Helms, and Casey
07: Liberation of German Concentration Camps
04: Besides Nurmemberg: Forgotten Trials of the Holocaust
03: Kamikaze: The Evolution of Japan’s Special Attack Forces
02: Leaders of the Victory: The Giants of the Winning Strategy 
01: Blitzkreig in the Pacific

Season 28 (2014-15)
06: Patton at the Battle of the Bulge
05: Christmas at Bastogne: The German Offensive of 1944
04: The O.S.S.
03: Building the Death Railroad – Bridge on the River Kwai
02: Glider Operations in World War II
01: D-Day for the Allies: Gold, Juno, Sword Beach Landings
Season 27 (2013-14)
11: Omaha Beach: The Deadliest Fighting on D-Day
10: The Battle for Rabaul: The Pearl Harbor for the Japanese
09: The War in China
07: Senior Leaders of WWII: Insights Into Their Personalities
06: Why Germany Lost: The Three Alibis
05: The Attack of Dec. 7, 1941
04: Spies & Codebreaking
03: The 2nd Rangers at Pointe du Hoc and Beyond
02: The Bombing Campaign in the Pacific
01: The Battle of Britain
Season 26 (2012-13)
11: The Massacre at Malmedy
10: Citizen Soldiers: Mobilization of the National Guard in WWII
07: The Emergence of Viet-Nam from World War II
Season 11 (1997-98)
07: Overwhelmed: The Fall of the Philippines

Season 8 (1994-1995)
02: 4th Marine Division in the South Pacific

Season 6 (1992-1993)
03: Tuskegee Airmen Experiment: A Success

Season 3 (1989-1990)
08: OPERATION ANVIL: G-3 for the Invasion of Southern France
Season 1 (1987-88)
02: Pearl Harbor as Seen by a Japanese Fighter Pilot